Newswire: Original Ghost In The Shell director applauds live-action movie’s casting

Controversy has surrounded Ghost In The Shell’s casting of Scarlett Johansson since the moment she was first announced as The Major, its taciturn cyborg hero. Known as Motoko Kusanagi in the original anime and manga versions of the story, the character has generally been identified as Japanese, leading to accusations that Johansson’s casting was a whitewashing of a previously Asian part.

Now, the anime’s acclaimed director, Mamoru Oshii, has fired back at the controversy, saying he sees no problem with Johansson playing the character he once helped bring to life. “What issue could there possibly be with casting her?” Oshii said in an e-mail interview with IGN. “The Major is a cyborg and her physical form is an entirely assumed one. The name ‘Motoko Kusanagi’ and her current body are not her original name and body, so there is no basis for saying that an Asian actress …

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