Newswire: Oprah Winfrey says Donald Trump will have to find another running mate

Oprah Winfrey may have signed off from her daytime talk show five years ago, but she’s kept plenty busy with her OWN projects like the upcoming Greenleaf, which stars Keith David as a preaching patriarch. Winfrey was promoting that series on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, but talk quickly turned to politics because there’s just no ignoring the orange elephant in the room these days. Speaking of which, Kimmel asked Winfrey if she’d actually be Donald Trump’s running mate, per the reprobate Republican’s own request. Things didn’t go The Donald’s way:

Winfrey succinctly endorses Hillary Clinton, but she does credit Trump with inspiring her to think that anyone really can run for president, however unqualified they may be. After having had his hopes dashed, Trump will probably tweet something out about Winfrey being a “loser” too, only to later backpedal and say he …

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