Newswire: Oprah didn’t want to release the tape that took down Trump’s labor nom

The dust is starting to settle around the debacle that was Andrew Puzder’s Labor Secretary nomination. The Carl’s Jr. CEO was up for the position in Trump’s cabinet, a spot that seemed all but promised to him in the wake of Betsy DeVos becoming Secretary Of Education despite lacking a rudimentary understanding of the job. But that was before Politico followed up a January 2017 article about Puzder’s alleged abuse against his first wife, Lisa Fierstein, with a video of her appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Fierstein first made claims of domestic abuse in a court proceeding in 1989, which she attested to in front of Oprah’s live studio audience in 1990. That appearance has now been widely distributed, thanks to video obtained by Politico. The TV show wouldn’t release the video to anyone outside of Congress, but one of Fierstein’s fellow …

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