Newswire: Onstage enema causes chaos at Houston benefit show

If you think that performance venues are nothing but safe spaces where snowflakes are being coddled by their fellow social-justice warriors, check this shit out: Motherfuckers are literally giving themselves enemas on stage out here. At least, one guy did at Houston’s AvantGarden last Friday, throwing the venue into chaos and ruining a benefit for an artist with cancer.

Houston Press has the whole weird saga, as told by AvantGarden owner Mariana Lemesoff and the enema-giver himself, Michael Clemmons. According to Lemesoff, midway through the event, “Bowl of Ice Cream Benefit Show #1,” she received a text from one of the venue’s bartenders saying, “it stinks in here. What’s going on?” What was going on is that musical duo Sonic Rabbit Hole were on stage, and that they had added a new element of “performance art” to their set—namely, singer Michael Clemmons giving himself a chocolate …

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