Newswire: Only a Playstation disc could convey the darkness of Marilyn Manson’s new album

When Marilyn Manson’s new album The Pale Emperor was released at the beginning of this year, it signaled an artistic resurgence for the man who seems to have spent as much time lately acting on the big and small screen as he has making music. The album made new strides musically and lyrically, and fans noted the growing maturity of his output. However, there was one mysterious element to the album, something that caused eddies in the glossy sheen of its polished surface, hinting at untold nightmares lurking in the darkness below. That element would be the blackness of the polycarbonate disc, the same style in which the original Sony Playstation discs were manufactured. And the reason for this is intentional: Only such a pure blackness could accurately capture the true darkness of Manson’s soul, or the darkness of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo.

Chris Preistman, writing for …

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