Newswire: One, two, Freddy’s coming for another Nightmare on Elm Street reboot

Freddy Krueger can’t be stopped. It doesn’t matter how many dream warriors, dream masters, dream children, and Jason Voorheeses you throw at him; he’ll just wait until you nod off in Algebra II. And now, according to The Tracking Board, New Line is ready to further drive down property values in the fictional town of Springwood by bringing Freddy back for another Nightmare On Elm Street reboot.

Despite making over $100 million worldwide on a $35 million budget, the 2010 reboot was generally panned by Freddy’s fans, who probably wanted to spend less time picturing Jackie Earle Haley molesting children. New Line has taken note of the objection, and is promising a “fresh new take” this time around. That could mean Freddy gives up the thankless workaday grind of dream-killing children, renovates a taco truck, and spends the next four movies winning over uppity food critics …

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