Newswire: One of Paul Walker’s Fast And The Furious cars is going up for auction

If you’re in the market for a pre-owned vehicle that doubles as movie memorabilia, you can do some one-stop shopping in Indiana next month: one of the Toyota Supras driven by the late Paul Walker in the original The Fast And The Furious is going up for auction.

Mecum Auctions will auction off thousands of cars in the lead up to the 99th Indy 500 in May, but this ’93 Supra is easily the standout. The car’s accoutrements include Roadboy fog lights, roll cage, Bomex body kit, and Dazz wheels, all of which sound like impressive car things. Most importantly, the auction listing notes that it’s the car used in the final racing scene in the first film, where Brian (Walker) squares off against Dom (Vin Diesel) and, ever so briefly, a train. It’s an important distinction to make, like which actor is playing Darrin in …

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