Newswire: One of Nintendo’s most influential designers is retiring

Alongside its latest investor report, Nintendo has announced that Genyo Takeda, one of the company’s longest tenured and most influential designers, is retiring at the end of June. Currently working as a “representative director and technology fellow,” the 68-year-old Takeda joined Nintendo in 1972 and played a huge role in the company’s transition into the video game business. He assisted Game Boy creator Gunpei Yokoi in the development of the Laser Clay Shooting System, an electronic gun range that was the ancestor of light-gun games like Duck Hunt. According to legend, when the machines broke down on opening day, it was Takeda who jumped behind the scenes and manually adjusted players’ scores to keep things moving. Two years later, he’d create EVR Race, Nintendo’s second arcade machine and first ever traditional video game.

Photo: Evan Amos/Wikipedia

As a game designer, Takeda’s best known work …

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