Newswire: One of last night’s Game Of Thrones casualties was not your average extra

[This post contains plot details about last night’s Game Of Thrones, so don’t read it if you don’t want to know anything about the episode. The headline is also descriptive, granted, but someone dies in nearly every episode, so we don’t feel too bad about that one.]

Game Of Thrones is known for two things: Its high body count and its passionate fan base. (And dragons. Make that three things. Oh, and nudity. Four.) On last night’s episode, “No One,” those two things came together in an appropriately bloody way, as Canadian comedian Steve Love’s cameo on the show was cut off (literally) by the business end of The Hound’s axe.

Love’s made a name for himself online doing remarkably accurate Game Of Thrones impressions, and his Jon Snow impression even got the nod from Kit Harington himself on Jimmy Kimmel Live …

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