Newswire: Ondi Timoner’s Russell Brand documentary will open SXSW

Russell Brand is always larger than life, but this year at South By Southwest it will be literally true rather than just the result of his voice, hair, and general demeanor. Variety reports that Ondi Timoner’s new documentary about the British multi-hyphenate has been selected to open the festival’s film section on March 13.

Brand: A Second Coming promises to be a revealing portrait, as Brand supposedly granted Timoner “complete access” to his life. Hopefully, it will reveal how a comedian who sort of starred in movies for a while now seems to be reinventing himself as an angry political rabble-rouser. Sometimes that rabble-rousing message about free thinking and economic justice can get a little lost amidst the limo rides and megalomania, but hopefully the documentary will clear some of that up.

SXSW also announced a few other films screening at the festival, including Michael Showalter’s Sally …

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