Newswire: On The Late Show, Keegan-Michael Key turns Luther loose in the age of Trump

Keegan-Michael Key was the big guest on Tuesday’s Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and why wouldn’t he be? Apart from being the taller, balder half of one of the best sketch shows ever, Key is—like his comedy life partner Jordan Peele—killing it at essentially everything he does these days. There to promote his new Netflix series Friends From College (and bringing along a very Colbert-friendly clip), the versatile Key also talked about his current run off-Broadway as the steadfast Horatio to Oscar Isaac’s Hamlet, trippingly reciting one of Horatio’s precious monologues—that was cut from the production in favor of more of that scene-hogger Isaac/Hamlet. (Key joked that Juilliard-trained Isaac “only learned acting,” while MFA holder Key knows lots more theater stuff, before conceding in a very Horatio-like manner that his co-star is “so much better.”)

But Colbert and Key wound up talking …

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