Newswire: On SNL, Kellyanne Conway lets Jake Tapper know she will not be ignored

With Alec Baldwin hosting last night’s SNL (for the record 17th time), there was plenty of Donald Trump-bashing to be had. Baldwin’s Trump himself popped up on The People’s Court, presumably the “court” the real Trump was referring to when he infamously tweeted “SEE YOU IN COURT” at the federal judges who blocked his bigoted “travel ban.” In addition, the Trump-heavy episode saw a return of Melissa McCarthy’s pugnacious, mendacious Sean Spicer (now with motorized attack-podium), and Leslie Jones made an equally boisterous pitch to replace Baldwin as Saturday Night Live‘s resident Donald. (Lorne Michaels wasn’t buying it.)

But while Baldwin’s fish-mouthed, spray-tanned Trump is reliably amusing, it’s become fascinating to watch how the clearly not-Trump-head types at SNL come at the Trump administration from unexpected angles. Sometimes we go inside Trump’s head. Sometimes, the Trump women musically express how being …

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