Newswire: Olivia De Havilland’s time is precious, people

Given that she’s old enough to get a shoutout from Al Roker when her birthday rolls around, Olivia De Havilland has no time to waste when it comes to getting her lawsuit against FX and Ryan Murphy Productions settled. According to The Hollywood Reporter, De Havilland has invoked a California statue that allows for litigation brought by someone 70 or older to be fast-tracked, essentially acknowledging that, if the defense drags its feet long enough, the plaintiff could die before the case is resolved. It’s now set for a hearing in Los Angeles court on September 13, a speedy move even by celebrity standards. (FX’s lawyers have yet to file their formal response to De Havilland’s suit.)

De Havilland is suing the network and Murphy’s production company over her depiction in FX’s Feud: Bette And Joan, specifically its depiction of her as a gossip …

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