Newswire: Old man on block yells at boy bands

The upcoming, 42-city joint tour of New Kids On The Block, Nelly, and TLC is not merely a chance to learn a valuable lesson from aging pop stars about how our time on Earth is limited, and how important it is to make every moment count and/or sing along to “Hot In Herre.” According to New Kids On The Block veteran Joey McIntyre, the tour will also teach these young whippersnapper boy bands a thing or two about how to harmonize and twirl in a manner befitting the dignity of the profession.

“As far as boy bands, you know, we dance, we perform,” said the 42-year-old McIntyre, long known to fans as The One With The Hat. This is what sets the New Kids apart from contemporary boy bands, who simply stand there and bellow the lyrics of their songs in angry, stentorian diatribes, like Khruschev at the UN …

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