Newswire: Old fogeys at Fox wouldn’t let Chris Rock’s Empire character eat people

Empire didn’t leapfrog to the top of the TV charts by playing things safe and sane, but even the Fox executives profiting from Lee Daniels and Danny Strong’s crazier impulses apparently have reachable limits. Case in point: a plotline slated for the show’s second season premiere, in which Chris Rock, playing a fellow prison inmate of Terrence Howard’s Lucious Lyon, was to be shown digging into “a plate of human body parts” as an unrepentant cannibal.

According to a Hollywood Reporter cover story on the show, Fox balked at the idea of the Head Of State dining on human viscera, and requested the plot be cut. Lee Daniels being Lee Daniels, though, he reportedly pushed ahead with filming Rock—who requested something “cool and twisted” to do when he added his name to the massive roster of guest star talent on the show’s sophomore season …

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