Newswire: Oh, Hello On Broadway opens by serving Alan Alda too much tuna

Fans of the now-defunct Kroll Show generally agree that its high point was the recurring sketch “Oh, Hello,” featuring the confused, obnoxious, (and slightly icky) pair of Upper West Side elderly bachelors, Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland. Creators Nick Kroll (Faizon) and John Mulaney (St. Geegland) were also endeared to the out-of-touch pranksters, and since the end of Kroll Show, Oh, Hello has lived on as its own entity.

After successfully pulling off a tour and off-Broadway run, the two gents (presumably against the advice of Faizon’s physician) were kicked upstairs, with Oh, Hello On Broadway. This past Monday the curtain came up on the show, and according to Vulture, the pair celebrated their debut by praise-heckling V.I.P. guest Alan Alda, before inviting him on stage to enjoy a simple seafood meal. While the involvement of Alda might seem like a strange selection, Oh, Hello fans …

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