Newswire: Oculus partners with VR movie company, other cool futuristic stuff

Facebook-owned Oculus VR, the company that wants to make the future of entertainment strapping a bulky monitor to your face and sitting alone in a quiet, dark room, has announced a few new partnerships that might bring that high-tech utopia closer to reality.

First off, the company has signed a deal with virtual reality “experience” maker Felix & Paul Studios, a Montreal-based company focused on creating panoramic films for virtual reality devices. Felix & Pual has previously worked with groups like Cirque du Soleil and Fox Searchlight to create short, 360 degree-viewable films for early adopters in search of exciting new high-tech commercials. The studio has been signed to design experiences specifically for the company’s Oculus Rift headset—which is due for a consumer release sometime next year—as well as Samsung’s Oculus-derived Gear VR.

The company also announced the acquisition of Israel-based Pebbles Interfaces, which focuses on …

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