Newswire: Now’s your chance to buy Superman’s cape, an X-Wing, or a Hogwarts acceptance letter

Big Hollywood memorabilia auctions are always a lot of fun, because they let us normal people get tantalizingly close to owning a piece of movie history. An actual screen-used prop like a Stormtrooper blaster from Star Wars or an animatronic Facehugger egg from Aliens seems priceless, but could actually be possessed by anyone with a few thousand dollars sitting around. That may sound pricey, but just think about how cool it would be to put your cat or whatever in that egg and then have it open up when you have guests over. Not only would it be pretty funny, but those guests would probably never return because you’re a crazy person.

For anyone who has always dreamed of doing something similarly ridiculous with their money, and Profiles In History have launched the thrillingly named Hollywood Auction 83, a multi-day auction featuring a huge range of iconic …

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