Newswire: Now you too can be a little short for a stormtrooper

Auctions must be totally trending right now: Starting last weekend, fans were able to bid on items from the seven-year run of Mad Men, and earlier this year Rick Baker held the world’s coolest garage sale, auctioning off pieces from his 30 years in the special effects industry. Now, Prop Store Movie Collectibles—the same folks who worked with Baker on his auction—are giving fans a chance to own several pieces of Star Wars history that may just be the cherry on the top of your cosplay.

On the auction block are a Stormtrooper helmet used in The Empire Strikes Back that, judging from the yellowish tint, was stored in the basement of the American Tobacco Company; a hat worn by a Rebel soldier on the ice planet Hoth that’s also perfect for those Chicago winters; and Darth Vader’s SFX makeup appliance as seen in Return …

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