Newswire: Now you can use Facebook to send your divorce papers

Facebook—the site that brings people together in realizing, day by day, that they don’t really like each other—will now see that through to its logical conclusion with the ability to serve you divorce papers. Thanks to a precedent-setting ruling last week by a Manhattan Supreme Court judge, the social media service has been deemed an allowable place to send your spouse a summons for divorce. This, of course, is in addition to the longstanding Facebook rule that says you should tell everyone else about your relationship troubles, thus accruing the Likes and comments of “He’s an asshole! I love you, foxy mama!” necessary for processing any messy break-up on the Internet. (You might also want to post a Fleetwood Mac song.)

Making that process all the more official, Justice Matthew Cooper issued the landmark ruling in the case of Brooklyn nurse Ellanora Baidoo, who wed Victor …

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