Newswire: Now you can proudly wear Jane Fonda’s mug shot

After starting off as an ingenue in the 1960s, by 1970 Jane Fonda had won her first Oscar nomination (for They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?) and was immersed in the protest movement against the Vietnam War. As she explains on her website, she toured the country raising funds, giving speeches, and looking for ex-soldiers who could testify that atrocities like the “My Lai massacre was not an isolated incident, but a not-uncommon occurrence that was part and parcel of the U.S.’s war strategy.”

In November 1970, Fonda attempted to reenter the country from Canada after her very first speech, when all of her luggage was seized at the Cleveland airport. (The more things change…) The customs agents declared that some pills she had were suspicious, even though she insisted they were vitamins in “little plastic envelopes marked (in red nail polish) ‘B’, ‘L’, ‘D’–signifying breakfast, lunch …

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