Newswire: Now the prosecutor in the Serial case is talking

Podcast phenomenon Serial may have ended, but its story clearly hasn’t. Since the This American Life-affiliated series aired its last episode in December, two key players in the story—who notably wouldn’t give Serial much or any time—have given extensive interviews to The Intercept. First there was a three-part talk with Jay Wilds, the prosecution’s key witness against Adnan Syed in the murder of Hae Min Lee (and the key suspect for those who believe Syed is innocent). Now, prosecutor Kevin Urick has spoken with the website as well, which just published the first of a two-parter with him. In what should come as no surprise to Serial followers, Urick expresses zero doubt that the right man is behind bars, and he brushes off—rather convincingly—the inconsistencies in Wilds’ story as “collateral” (and therefore not germane) facts. He also has plenty of unflattering things …

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