Newswire: Now it’s Justin Trudeau’s turn to pose for a Marvel Comics cover

Justin Trudeau already wields tremendous power in real life as the prime minister of Canada—don’t laugh, it’s true—which might be why he’s been tapped to join the fight in Marvel Comics’ reignited Civil War storyline. As reported by CBC News, Trudeau will be featured on a variant cover of issue no. 5 of Civil War II: Choosing Sides, which will be released on August 31.

(Image: Ramon Perez/Marvel)

Trudeau is flanked by members of Alpha Flight on the cover while Iron Man glowers in the background. But he’s not just there to look pretty (though he’d acquit himself nicely if that were the case)—Chip Zdarsky, who wrote the story for Marvel, says the prime minister will advise Alpha Flight on the matter of the civil war that’s tearing the superhero universe apart. Basically, Alpha Flight stumbles upon a powerful new …

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