Newswire: Now Comedy Central wants a funny basketball show, too

Look out, curling! Clear the way, parkour! Get off the damn pony, polo: There’s a new funniest sport in town, and that sport’s name is basketball. James Naismith’s crowning achievement might be a laugh-killer in theaters—with the noted exceptions of White Men Can’t Jump, Teen Wolf, and, of course, Space Jam—but there’s no hotter sports property in TV comedy than the ol’ leather pumpkin. Starz has the LeBron James-produced Survivor’s Remorse, ABC is preparing an untitled NBA buddy comedy, and cable outlets still regularly feature the antics of the Big Apple’s world-renowned court jesters: The New York Knicks. The latest player to step into the paint and shout “Give me the rock—but make sure you do it in a funny way”: Comedy Central, which has ordered a half-hour basketball comedy from the team behind the web series Ghost Ghirls.

Set …

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