Newswire: Now Brexit is holding up a Smiths reunion

Last week, Johnny Marr revealed in an excerpt from his upcoming memoir that a Smiths reunion was in the works as recently as 2008. It obviously never came to pass, which is kind of surprising given that the intentions were declared while Marr was having drinks with Morrissey—and we all know that plans made over pints are basically carved in stone. Now it looks like the eight years that have passed since the Smiths frontman and guitarist last considered getting the band back together have done little to make their hearts grow fonder.

Exacerbating matters is Morrissey, naturally—specifically, the activist-artist’s seemingly pro-Brexit statements. In an interview with Sky News on Tuesday, Marr questioned his old bandmate’s recent lauding of the Brexit decision, indicating that if the sentiment’s authentic, then they don’t really have much more to say to each other. When asked about that …

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