Newswire: Norman Reedus wants to sleep on a pile of breast implants

In words he will may soon come to regret, The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus recently told his fans: “Send more breast implants.” It’s a weird request, made only slightly less weird with context. Back in 2013, Reedus revealed on Conan that an enthusiastic fan once sent him a silicon breast implant in the mail, which he decided to use as a phone cradle. He even showed it off while giving a tour of his trailer.

That seemed to be the extent of his silicon-related gifts, until another fan (or perhaps the same one?) sent him a follow-up implant recently. While recounting the story during a photoshoot with Entertainment Weekly, Reedus joked, “I just want to collect breast implants. I’m going to take them out of all the women’s bodies and just make a giant pile of them and lay my head on them. So, yeah—send …

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