Newswire: Nobody wants to direct the next Fast & Furious

Living its life one quarter-billion bucks at the box office at a time, Universal’s Fast & Furious franchise is now casting around for a new director to set up the ramps and fist bumps that will power its next installment. That search has apparently run into some trouble, though, with the franchise’s two most prominent directors, James Wan and Justin Lin, both ducking out to work on other films. (A sequel to The Conjuring for Wan, and the next Star Trek film for Lin.) According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lin and Wan’s reluctance to return to the highly lucrative franchise isn’t rooted solely in nitrous fatigue and a general aversion to grappling hooks and sleeveless shirts, but possible conflicts with series star and producer Vin Diesel.

In the wake of Paul Walker’s death, Diesel has become the sole public glower of the franchise, a responsibility …

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