Newswire: Noah Hawley is developing a Doctor Doom movie at Fox

Fargo and Legion creator Noah Hawley was at San Diego Comic-Con today, helping to fuel the enthusiasm for his psychedelic X-Men spin-off’s upcoming second season. Hawley dropped a hype bomb of a whole other order of magnitude on his way out the door, though, revealing the barest details on his next movie project. Per Variety: “I’ll just say two words,” Hawley announced. “The first one is Doctor, and the next one is Doom.”

So, unless Hawley is playing a really bizarre prank—“Doom Doctor, in theaters, 2019!”—it certainly sounds like Fox is attempting to revive its Fantastic Four film property yet again, this time in the form of a standalone film based on A-list Marvel villain Doctor Doom.

The ruler of Latveria has not been well-served by Fox’s movies in the past, whether as a liquid metal monster in the 2005 Fantastic Four film, or as …

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