Newswire: No, The Daily Show didn’t just get hacked by Russia

In what appears to be a bit of viral marketing/poking fun at recent allegations about Russian hacking of America’s computers, online accounts, and most cherished governmental institutions, tonight’s Daily Show broadcast was briefly interrupted by a bizarre video pointing viewers toward “The President Show” and a web address, Luckily, following the link doesn’t lead to some Deep Web organ-trading site that automatically grants Vladimir Putin the right to collect your kidneys; instead, it goes to a Russian language Twitter account that Comedy Central went on to tweet out a few minutes later, more-or-less confirming that this is some sort of viral stunt.

Заставьте ночь снова опаздывать

— Comedy Central (@ComedyCentral) March 30, 2017

At first, it seemed like this was an exclusively Daily Show-centric bit, possibly suggesting some running gag about Russian interference with Trevor Noah and his crew. But …

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