Newswire: No one wants to be associated with Bill Cosby’s biography, either

Now that the cavalier attitudes towards drugs and consent have come straight from the disgraced comedian’s mouth in a 2005 deposition recently obtained by the Associated Press, support for Bill Cosby is evaporating faster than…well, faster than it should have evaporated when allegations of sexual assault were first leveled against him a decade ago. Reruns of his sitcoms are being pulled from the air, Walt Disney World took down its statue of him, his agent dropped him, and he’s been edited out of an upcoming documentary about black stuntpeople, a film the director describes as “the last project standing behind him.” Even Whoopi has abandoned him.

At this point, Cosby’s biography is toxic as well: According to The Hollywood Reporter, a rep for Jerry Seinfeld and David Letterman says he’s asked the publisher of Cosby: His Life And Times to stop using glowing statements …

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