Newswire: No, Michael Douglas, Val Kilmer does not have cancer

Earlier this week (as reported by CBS News), Michael Douglas revealed that Val Kilmer has been battling the same kind of throat cancer that he himself had been diagnosed with in 2010—adding that “that’s why you haven’t heard too much from Val lately.” Evidently, this came as a surprise to Val Kilmer, who has now released a statement revealing that he doesn’t actually have cancer and that Michael Douglas is “misinformed.” That comes from USA Today, which reports that Kilmer shared an extensive post on his Facebook page that dismisses both the idea that he has cancer and the claim that people “haven’t heard too much” from him lately.

As you can see, he says he had a cancer scare recently that turned out to be nothing but “a swollen tongue,” and that he’s “rehabbing steadily.” Plus, he’s “made three films in the …

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