Newswire: Nintendo’s next console is called Switch, is coming in March

After months of speculation, rumors, fakes, and wondering how the heck Nintendo has gotten this far into 2016 without even revealing a name for the console it plans to launch next March, the company has finally unveiled its next gaming system: the Nintendo Switch. As expected, Switch is a hybrid between the two kinds of consoles Nintendo has been making for decades. It comes in two parts, a docking station that plugs into your TV and a tablet you use to play games on the go.

At home, the tablet slides into the dock and your game displays on the TV. When it’s time to go portable, you split the console’s controller, which Nintendo is calling a “Joy-Con,” in half and slide each piece onto the sides of the tablet screen, making it resemble a more traditional portable system. If you’d rather use the screen’s built-in …

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