Newswire: Nintendo seeks another “gotta catch ’em all” craze with Yo-kai Watch

Nearly 20 years removed from its debut, Pokémon is still going strong, both in its native Japan and abroad. It’s not as much of a global trans-media juggernaut and wallet-draining scourge of parents everywhere as it once was, though. In Japan, the latest brand to take up that mantle is Yo-kai Watch, a billion-dollar game/anime/manga/toy craze created by Level-5, the veteran development and publishing house that’s known overseas for the Professor Layton series. Today, Nintendo announced that it‘s partnering with Level-5 to unleash Yo-kai Watch on the rest of the world.

Yo-kai Watch is pretty much Pokémon but with cute cartoon ghosts. It’s about a kid who wears a magical watch that allows him to see, befriend, and battle the hundreds of otherwise invisible monsters that populate our world. Together, the two main Yo-kai Watch 3DS games have sold over 7 million copies …

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