Newswire: Nielsen ratings finally accept people watch stuff on YouTube, Hulu

Nielsen ratings have been a hilarious source of skewed American TV viewing habits for years now, since well before we learned that networks will intentionally misspell program names to avoid low ratings. The company’s feet-dragging policy on incorporating the roughly ten gazillion ways that people now view their entertainment on streaming devices has made the already shaky assessment methods utilized by the company seem downright quaint, like an old farmer using binoculars to peer into his neighbor’s windows in order to determine what they’re watching, possibly while he simultaneously churns butter. But at least one small form of online streaming is now in the mix: Variety reports Nielsen will now include YouTube TV and Hulu’s live streaming service in its calculations of viewing habits.

Let’s be clear: This is still just a drop in the online bucket, even among users of both Hulu and YouTube …

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