Newswire: Nicole Kidman’s Grace Kelly biopic is going straight to Lifetime

After premiering to some pretty rough reviews at the Cannes Film Festival last May, Olivier Dahan’s Nicole Kidman-starring Grace Kelly biopic Grace Of Monaco has been banished from theaters and sent to the poor house, by which we mean Lifetime. And while Kelly may have wrinkled her perfect, aristocratic nose at the prospect of commingling with the unwashed commoners who populate such a network (“Some of them are teenage mothers,” we imagine her whispering, one delicate, gloved hand cupping her immaculately lipsticked mouth), Lifetime might actually be the perfect place for Grace Of Monaco. By all accounts, the film is less incompetent than simply vapid and dull—The A.V. Club‘s A.A. Dowd called it it a “trifle” whose scathing reviews were “out of proportion with the film’s very ordinary badness”—that reaches neither heights of artistic greatness nor lows of campy excess, a quality that …

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