Newswire: Nicolas Cage thinks he and Quentin Tarantino could “do something quite special”

Venturing dangerously far into the realm of understatement, actor Nicolas Cage recently told a Newsweek interviewer that he thinks that he and Quentin Tarantino could “do something quite special” if they ever teamed up. Indeed, we can only imagine the results of the duo’s forehead-heavy collaboration, with Keymaster Tarantino’s endless reams of dialogue combining with Gatekeeper Cage’s ability to spew nonsense, finally unleashing the fabled Nic Cage singularity upon the people of the earth. (Cage also expressed a desire to work with Paul Thomas Anderson, which we don’t have any mean jokes about, because that would probably just be really good.)

The interview—in support of Pay The Ghost, in which Cage goes a-child-avengin’ for something like the fiftieth time in recent years—also allowed the actor to express his regrets about his career—he doesn’t have any, in case you were wondering—and his …

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