Newswire: Nicolas Cage returns a National Treasure he had no part in stealing

If you’re Nicolas Cage, you’re used to being an Army Of One in films like Con Air and Ghost Rider. But although you’ve mostly Left Behind your better judgment when it comes to selecting roles, you’re not such a Bad Lieutenant (let’s ignore the subtitle for now) that you’d refuse to return a National Treasure. You’d admit that It Could Happen To You, really, that you might learn the Kick-Ass dinosaur skull you bought is actually a Stolen artifact. And so, Knowing that you are inadvertently in possession of some ill-gotten gains, your Next move wouldn’t be to Drive Angry. No, you’d want to reward the efforts of those Seeking Justice and return the precious thing, while hoping that your newfound goodwill isn’t Gone In 60 Seconds. (Also, Peggy Sue Got Married to The Wicker Man during the Season Of …

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