Newswire: Nickelodeon launching all-’90s Nicktoon programming block in October

No, it wasn’t a Surge-and-candy-necklace-fueled dream: The internet’s virtual streets are overflowing with twentysomethings in the throes of nostalgic ecstasy as Variety reports that Nickelodeon is preparing to launch The Splat, a new block of programming featuring those ’90s Nicktoons we all know, love, and have taken quizzes about, this October.

It should be noted that Variety‘s report differs from those of an all-’90s Nicktoon channel that surfaced yesterday after BuzzFeed discovered The Splat’s social-media presence and drew 17 conclusions that only a ’90s kid would reach. The A.V. Club reached out to Nickelodeon for comment, and a representative confirmed that The Splat will be a programming block, presumably similar to TeenNick’s current The ’90s Are All That lineup. No further details were forthcoming, but expect an announcement within the next week or so.

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