Newswire: Nickelodeon is making a Hey Arnold! movie, might bring back other classic series

Those ’90s kids just won’t stop rejoicing as Variety brings word that Nickelodeon, soon after announcing its intent to put some of the most beloved shows from the network’s past back on the air with its ’90s-centric The Splat programming block, is taking the next step and actually reviving said Nicktoons. First to receive this treatment will be Hey Arnold!, which ended on a cliffhanger when football-headed hero Arnold discovered a map that seemed to lead to the whereabouts of his missing parents.

The A.V. Club spoke with Hey Arnold! creator Craig Bartlett about the revival; Bartlett says that while the project is still in its very beginning stages—Nickelodeon just greenlit a script, and will make a decision about whether to actually produce the movie after reading it—he is “absolutely” involved in the revival and will supervise a team of writers tasked with scripting the …

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