Newswire: Nick Offerman will host this year’s Nebula Awards in Chicago

Now that Parks And Recreation is over, Nick Offerman is finally free to commit to his full-time career of being America’s avuncular, genial dad. While Offerman’s various dad-interestswood-working, history, sweetly singing funny and beautiful love songsare rightly legendary, he’ll be unveiling yet another one soon in Chicago, when he hosts the 50th Annual Nebula Awards for excellence in science fiction and fantasy writing on June 4-through-7.

You see, Offerman is apparently also a huge science fiction fan, a long and storied branch of delightfully dorky fatherly pursuits. That’s presumably why he volunteered to be Toastmaster for the annual award ceremony for the Science Fiction And Fantasy Writers Of America, allowing him the perfect venue to tell a lot of jokes about three-laws-compliant robots and then do that little smile that he does. He’ll be joined for the festivities by former NFL punter and …

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