Newswire: Nick Offerman says “good person” Ron Swanson would not support Trump

Nick Offerman clearly stated back in October that his beloved, government-hating, libertarian Parks And Recreation character Ron Swanson “wouldn’t think very much of Trump.” And in a talk at SXSW, he reiterated that sentiment with some even more colorful language, putting to rest any notion that his fictional character would support a president that only seems like a fictional character but is in fact terrifyingly real. “More than anything, more than politics, Ron is a good person,” he said, according to Indiewire. “[And] regardless of your politics, you can’t deny the fact that Trump is a cheese-dick criminal.”

Ron’s political beliefs have had such a bizarre afterlife that Offerman had to remind the crowd that they were intended as a “joke.” He explained: “I really appreciate the tenets of libertarianism. But it’s so far been proven it can’t work without ending in chaos and anarchy …

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