Newswire: Nick Offerman and Jeff Tweedy spruce up woodworking book with original music

Nick Offerman’s just released Good Clean Fun: Misadventures In Sawdust At Offerman Workshop, his ode to woodworking that also features plenty of advice to new hewers. Earlier this week, the Parks And Recreation alum talked with the A.V. Club about the woods he’d pine for on projects like making your own coffin or hopefully splinter-free butt plug. Now Entertainment Weekly’s learned that Offerman teamed up with his idol and friend Jeff Tweedy on five original songs for the Good Clean Fun audiobook, which is already available online. In EW’s hosted excerpt, Offerman talks about his Illinois upbringing and the roots of his love of woodworking.

Offerman’s childhood vignettes sound like something out of a Mark Twain book (the actor’s been there, done that). Unfortunately, there’s no hint of the beautiful music that Offerman must have made with Tweedy, whom he proposed to …

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