Newswire: Nick Fury starts a stunning new solo adventure in an exclusive Marvel preview

Nick Fury, Jr. has been in the Marvel Universe for the last five years, but he hasn’t had his own ongoing series until now. The new Nick Fury title wisely takes inspiration from the adventures of Nick’s father, and the creative team is channeling Jim Steranko’s groundbreaking work on Nick Fury: Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D. to give the title a bold graphic style that energizes the superspy narrative. Writer James Robinson’s recent Marvel work has been strongest when he tells single-issue stories that can be read on their own (see: the recently concluded Scarlet Witch), and he’s sticking with that format for Nick Fury, sending Nick on a different mission in each issue. Unlike in Scarlet Witch, Robinson is working with a single art team for this series, and it’s one with the skill and imagination to create ambitious visuals …

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