Newswire: Newsflash: When millennials can’t watch a show, they don’t watch a show

Millennials are increasingly giving up on TV shows when they become difficult to access, even if they’ve already invested heavily in watching previous seasons. That’s the finding of a recent survey conducted by TiVo, which discovered that this demographic frequently abandons programs—regardless of whether they originated from network, cable, premium, or digital-only providers. So while viewers might binge-watch five seasons of The Walking Dead, if they can’t easily get the next season, they’ll bounce faster than Daryl riding out of Rick’s camp, Negan be damned.

For those of us reared in the modest confines of network television, this may feel counterintuitive; content is inarguably more available now than it’s ever been. And TiVo found that their millennial respondents spend a quarter of each day watching television. But for younger viewers, this bounty of content riches has also spawned a tyranny of choice.

“The …

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