Newswire: New York Post app hacked, sends pro-Trump messages and Nirvana lyrics

If you have the New York Post app on your phone and woke up to a bunch of bizarre notifications, it’s because some hacker apparently decided to have a little bit of April Fools’ Day fun by sending out a serious of strange messages to the app’s users. The notifications included things like “Open your heart to those you do not understand and listen to all those you fear and look down upon” and “The fate of your soul is soon to be decided,” along with a line from Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” and the words “Heil President Donald Trump.” You can see a screen cap of what seems to be all of the messages below.

Uh, @nypost … call your office.

— Jack Sterne (@JRSterne) April 2, 2017

What appears to be full @nypost alerts thread:

— Jack Sterne (@JRSterne …

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