Newswire: New York cable company to offer HBO Now for some reason

In the old days—the days of Arli$$ and Oz—you needed a cable subscription to watch HBO. Then came HBO Go, which requires a cable subscription and a broadband Internet connection. More recently, the network created HBO Now, a $15-per-month service launching in April that will work using only an Internet connection. Aside from a post-launch exclusivity period for Apple devices (widely rumored to be three months), HBO Now seemed to be the ultimate outcome everyone was hoping for: Your very own a la carte Home Box Office with no strings attached.

Yet the saga continues for some reason, as today, HBO announced that the New York cable provider Cablevision plans to offer HBO Now to customers of its Optimum Online broadband service. The news calls into question the nature of HBO Now, which was pitched as a Netflix-like app in which customers would pay money directly to HBO …

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