Newswire: New virtual reality tourism by Marriott helps you never leave your hotel room

Probably realizing that the No. 1 cause of its hotels failing to extract every penny of potential revenue stems from guests’ irritating tendency to leave their hotel rooms, Marriott is taking steps to fix that. Digital Spy reports the hotel chain is testing a new feature called VRoom Service that allows guests to take a virtual-reality tour of exotic locations around the world, in the form of immersive ”postcards” that can be viewed via a Gear VR headset. And, much like postcards themselves, you’ll probably enjoy looking at them once, then let the Gear VR headset fall behind the desk, where it’ll be discovered years later by robots scanning Earth’s surface for more humans to enslave and put to work in the moon farms.

Unlike recent plans by Oculus VR or the new virtual reality film festival, this VR experience will be available solely through the magical …

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