Newswire: New video reignites debate over whether Han Solo’s coat is blue or brown

This past February, the Internet briefly became embroiled in war over the color of a dress, because winter is very boring. That argument—over whether the dress was blue and black, white and gold, or personally making a fool of you—was engaging precisely because it was so meaningless, and it allowed strangers to forge allegiances and call each other idiots over a bit of minutiae that no rational adult should care about this much. Of course, Star Wars fans invented that.

In fact, a similar debate has disproportionately raged for decades over another article of clothing no one’s actually going to wear in real life: the parka worn by Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back. As you can see from the above still, Harrison Ford is grimacing in what many people will tell you emphatically is a navy blue coat. However, there is also a Dark Side …

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