Newswire: New Star Wars photos feature evil Adam Driver and dot-covered Lupita Nyong’o

Just in time for today’s government-mandated celebration of Star Wars, a wealth of new set photos and other behind-the-scenes reveals has gone up at Vanity Fair, including the first real look at Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren. Many Bothans died and/or didn’t write about the Kennedys this month to bring us this information.

We also must acknowledge that old smoothie Annie Liebovitz, that card-player, gambler, scoundrel of a celebrity portrait artist who captured those first looks in a photo set that is exclusive to the magazine, so we can’t embed them here. But you can see some of them in this behind-the scenes video. They’re like photos that move.

The article also contains some of the first official information regarding Driver’s Kylo Ren, a “next-generation bad guy” who’s seen commanding Snowtroopers “loyal to the evil First Order on the frozen plains of their …

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