Newswire: New Star Wars app to raise midichlorian counts to medically unsafe levels

The Star Wars franchise has been everywhere recently, what with The Force Awakens trailers, Pez dispensers, the Rebels cartoon, that old smoothie getting his own comic book, those cancer-causing drinking glasses, the toys, and your officially licensed “Dark Side” footed pajamas. Until now, however, that hasn’t been literally true. You can’t just look in any direction and trust that you’ll see Star Wars stuff.

Actually, thanks to Disney, now you can. All you have to do is keep your smartphone plastered to your face. Variety brings word of the Star Wars App, which promises customizable aggregation of Star Wars news and social feeds, so that you can be notified of any tweets from Kylo Renn, blogs about Bossk’s jumpsuit, or if somebody belches like the Sarlaac Pit.

The app’s 3D augmented-reality features will be unveiled at Comic-Con International, which kicks off tomorrow in San Diego …

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